Bus Transportation Information 2019-2020


Welcome Back, Tamarac Families!

We are so excited to begin another year at Brunswick Central School District! Below is important information regarding your child’s bus routes for this school year:

In order to keep up with best practices and driving procedures, our bus drivers will be changing their assigned driving routes and our Bus Garage has made slight changes to our bus routes. Pickup locations have not changed; however, as a result, pickup times may vary slightly. Please have your child at their designated pickup spot five (5) minutes prior to their normal pickup time. Please be patient with us as we settle into our new routes! If any immediate changes are made in the future, you will receive a phone call from Debbie Phillips.

If you are unaware of your child’s pickup/drop-off location OR pickup/drop-off time, please contact Debbie Phillips at 279 4600 ext. 2822. 

On Wednesday, our drivers will be practicing their new routes between the hours of 10 AM and 1 PM, so please feel free to wave and say hello! Some of our drivers may be at the Elementary Preview Night from 4-6 PM, as well, so come on by and introduce yourself!

Just a few reminders of the procedures in place for bus transportation:

  • For Elementary School students (PreK – 5th Grade), a parent/guardian must be at their child’s designated drop-off location at drop-off times. If someone is not there, we will bring your child back to the Elementary School. If you are running late to pick up your child, please call the Bus Garage at 279 4600 ext. 2822 and leave a message.
  • For Elementary School students (PreK – 5th Grade), please notify the Main Office of the people that are allowed to take your child off of the bus. Please send a note to school with a list of these names and their contact information.
  • Please remind your children to be cooperative, courteous and respectful to their bus drivers and their peers as they journey to school and back home!

Any further questions or concerns may be directed to Debbie Phillips at (518) 279 4600 ext. 2822. If she is unavailable, please leave a voicemail and Debbie will return your call as soon as possible.

Thank you so much, and we look forward to another great school year!