7th Graders Participate in Tolerance, Diversity, and Anti-Bullying Day

Team building Marshamallow challengeOn Monday, December 11, the seventh grade team sponsored a program to raise awareness and promote tolerance of people’s differences and help develop empathy. Seventh grade students rotated through session topics including: “Culture Shock”, “Emotional Impact on Bullying” and participated in team building activities.

Leading up to the event, Deputy Jeff Russo brushed up on some of the lessons these students had in 5th grade as part of the DARE program.  He spoke not only about the different types of bullying, but also the possible legal impact that this type of harassment may cause.

“We are always trying to weave character education into our curriculum, and our team works together to develop different activities to help kids learn to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes,” said English teacher Mary Beth Becker.

After the event, feedback was collected from students, and they were overwhelmingly in favor of doing something like this again in the future. The seventh grade team will use their constructive feedback and reflections to tailor future events. See more photos from the event here.