Board of Education Spotlight Series: Andrew Casale

During the 2016-17 school year, Brunswick CSD will be highlighting Board of Education members, as part of a spotlight series about the members; backgrounds, what they see for the future of Brunswick CSD and more.

Photo of Andy CasaleEducation, job history, and any other boards you sit on?

I have an associate’s degree in civil engineering from Hudson Valley Community College.  I have worked at MJ Engineering and Land Survey for the past 16 years.

What compelled you to serve on the school board?

As far as being on the board, I enjoy being involved, trying to help the kids and our district, so I thought the board was a good place to be. I also coach football and really like being around the kids especially when I get their point of view about the school and what goes on here.  They are the ones directly impacted by the decisions made by the adults in charge.  I also get to talk to the parents of the kids I coach, and to get their perspective on the district can be interesting and helpful when it comes to making decisions.

What was your favorite subject in school?

I would say math was my best subject. My favorite teacher was my 10th grade math teacher, Miss Bennett, she was just great at explaining the subject.  She made it as fun as 10th graders would admit.  I also had two instructors in college who had been in the engineering and construction business for themselves and their insight was very helpful in preparing for what I was getting myself into.

What makes Brunswick CSD the right choice for families?

I think the size of the district compared to the programs that are offered here would be attractive for families to send their kids here. The district offers college credit courses and the ability to be involved in extracurricular activities (sports, music, and clubs) if the students choose to be.  Sometimes in larger districts the sheer numbers prevent students from being involved.

What is most rewarding about serving on the school board?

The rewarding part is getting to understand the different perspectives on the all the activities that go into making the district work.  It makes you realize that there are many working parts to everything that has to happen to make a school function, from students-to parents-to teachers and to administrators.  It’s more than most people realize.  It helps to keep in mind everything we do has an impact on someone somewhere in the district.

What do you see for the future of Brunswick CSD?

The future may be very interesting.  Many things will be happening at the State and Federal levels that will have an impact on the district.  All we can do is our best to be ready for whatever comes our way.  I think we have done very well so far, so I hope it will continue.  As long as we continue to keep in mind the students are the most important part of the district.