Elementary students tinker around

Tamarac Elementary school librarian Maureen King started a new enrichment opportunity called the “Tinker Club” for students who are doing well in academic areas and showed an aptitude for tech and problem solving.

The Tinker Club meets for twenty-five minutes each morning. King challenged the students to use a tablet and apps to program a robot to talk, sing and move around the floor. In the video, you see a xylophone that students attached to the robot as it plays music. They worked on inputting the right notes, but also the spacing of the notes, to get the timing right on songs they knew from memory. Students have also done work on a program called Scratch. They have been developing a game with Scratch that Coach Turner hopes to use in her PE Classes. King said they will continue this club throughout the year, giving these students and others a chance to work on more tech and problem solving activities.