Student Athletes Attend Sportsmanship Summit

Tamarac student athletes participated in the Wasaren League Sportsmanship Summit at Hudson Valley Community College on Tuesday, October 16.

Left to right:Torin Bishop, Rocco DiCarlo, Max Ali, Samantha West, Gabby Castiglione, Abby Becker, Guilianna DiCarlo and Bo Catherwood.

Ten schools attended the summit with each school sending one male and one female student from grades 9-12.

Coaches, students and administrators participated in discussions about sportsmanship at the high school level and attended a series of workshops, in the hopes that they can bring back new information to their respective schools. Workshop topics included: Recruitment 101, Cyber Bullying, Spread the Love and Domestic Violence.

Tamarac student Bo Catherwood found the session on Recruitment 101 very helpful because he would like to continue playing basketball at the collegiate level and in another session learned ways to bring his team together to succeed through different activities.

Athletic Director Donna VanZandt said this was the second year that Tamarac athletes had participated in the summit where they hear ideas from other schools about athletics, leadership and sportsmanship.