Tamarac Elementary Students’ Writing Featured in Publication

STudents holding their writingSeveral Tamarac Elementary students’ writing was recently featured in the student magazine Connections.

Fifth graders Aaron Lang, Abby Glynn, Duane Salsbury, along with fourth graders Bella DeLorenzo and Gavin Jeffs had their pieces about Tamarac Elementary’s Morning Program Assembly published. Last year, fifth grader Karley Scriven wrote a parent question response that was included in the very first issue.

The students stated how excited they were upon learning their writing was chosen to be featured in the magazine.Student holding magazine with his writing

“I really enjoy writing and added a lot of details to my piece,” said fifth grade student Duane Salsbury. “I was excited when my teacher told me my piece was included in the magazine.”

Fourth grade student Gavin Jeffs stated his favorite subject is a tie between math and writing.

“I like using my own ideas to create original writing pieces,” said Jeffs. “When I wake up after having a dream, I will try to recreate that dream by writing it down. It is mainly what I do to get my brain going in the morning.”STudents holding their writinh

Congratulations to these student writers!