Tamarac High School students travel to Martinique

Students in front of rock formationDuring Winter Break, ten Tamarac students traveled with students from Scotia-Glenville to the French island and French speaking country of Martinique.

This island, in the French West Indies is not typically a tourist destination, therefore it’s a wonderful place to visit for a French immersion experience.

It was a trip of ‘firsts’ for many students – the first time to fly, the first time out of the country, the first-time snorkeling, the first time negotiating prices in a marketplace in French, the first time going grocery shopping in French, and of course, the first time experiencing the flora and fauna of a tropical island, as well as a first time to try all the unique Martiniquais foods.  It was an amazing life changing experience where students grew in their ability to use the target language, learned about themselves and others, deepened their friendships and made new friends, and widened their global perspective.

Thank you, Tamarac administration, and the Board of Education for your support of language travel. See photos from their trip here.