Letter to Parents – AfterSchoolapp.com

Dear Brunswick Families,

The district is aware that students from Tamarac Secondary School are accessing an inappropriate social media application called AfterSchoolapp.com. The app is described as “Funny Anonymous School News for Confessions & Compliments for Your School.”

The entire app revolves around anonymous and private message boards for any given school. In some cases, After School has become a vehicle for cyberbullying. Messages can take the form of videos, pictures, or regular text. Anyone in a school can see all the messages posted, and users are not identifiable in any way unless they reveal personal details within a message.

This app is in no way affiliated or endorsed by the school district. Unfortunately, since posts are made anonymously, there is little the district can do if a student is being bullied or harassed if the person posting the comments cannot be identified.

We encourage you to talk with your student about this site and responsible use of social media. If you want to check to see if your child has downloaded the app to his/her phone and/or iPod, look for an icon of a tiger wearing yellow striped sunglasses.

Finally, we take the safety of all students at Tamarac in regards to school very seriously. If your child is cyber bullying, sexting, or posting text or images that will disrupt the learning environment at school, we will act to ensure that the Student Code of Conduct is enforced.  We have also brought this to the attention of our local law enforcement as well.

Any parent who has a concern is encouraged to call their student’s building principal.

Mr. Richard Pogue
Tamarac Secondary Principal

Dr. Angelina Maloney
Superintendent of Schools