Students Participate in Improvisational Theatre Workshop

studnets doing improvTamarac 7th grade students participated in a workshop on improvisational theatre. MopCo, also known as The Mop and Bucket Company, has been visiting Tamarac for several years, training our students and presenting an assembly for the entire middle school on the day following the workshops.

Students were encouraged to “celebrate failure” as they learned the basics of improv.

Michael from MopCo explained to the students:

“We celebrate failure because it’s how we learn.  As long as we learn from it, it’s not really failure.”

“What is it that makes us laugh in improv?  It’s failure.”

This was a remarkable day in 7th grade because all students were engaged from beginning to end.  The feedback was very positive.  The kids had fun while learning in an entirely different way. See more photos from workshop.