Bus Conduct

Be at the bus stop five minutes before the designated time — please help keep the bus on schedule.

Always wait for the bus a safe distance from the highway. When boarding the bus, stay in line; crowding is dangerous.

Remain properly and quietly seated while the bus is in motion.

As a passenger, keep head, arms and hands inside the bus at all times.

Never throw objects in the bus, out of the windows, or at the vehicle.

Promptly obey instructions of the bus driver.

Do not mar or deface bus seats or equipment.

Be courteous to fellow passengers and the bus driver.

Profanity is not allowed.

Do not distract attention of the bus driver from his/her duties.

Standing while the bus is in motion is not allowed.

Smoking, eating or drinking is not allowed.

Pupils are to ride their regularly assigned bus to and from school unless authorized by the principal. Parental requests for such authorization must be in writing and in advance of such permission.

If a conduct report is sent to the principal by the bus driver, the discipline increases from a warning by the principal to three to five days suspension from bus privileges.

Fighting and/or any infraction that jeopardizes the safety of the bus and its occupants could result in a suspension at any time.

Buses will only run on Brittonkill Central School District Calendar Days