Board of Education

Role of the Board
The Board of Education (BOE) is made up of nine unsalaried citizens each elected to three-year terms. The BOE’s powers and duties are derived from the New York State Constitution, the laws of New York State, and the rulings of the New York State Commissioner of Education. The BOE’s main areas of responsibility are establishing district policies; developing an annual budget for public approval; voting on the Superintendent’s recommendations on personnel matters and contracts; reviewing courses of study and textbooks; and acting as a communication link between residents and the Superintendent.

No person or group acts in the name of the BOE. All motions require a majority vote before the BOE can act. A BOE member is in an official capacity only during an official BOE meeting. The BOE employs the Superintendent, who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the district and administration of BOE policies. The Superintendent develops policies, programs, and plans for Board action.

Members of the Board 2019-20
Andrew Casale
Darren Galipeau
Anthony Grab
Sandra Jean Maxon
Danielle Roadcap
Jack Roddy
Kevin Shufon
Leah Wertz
Judy Wienman


Updated information for Board candidates:
School Board Nominations

How are candidates nominated for the school board?  Executive Order 202.26 modified the requirements that normally apply to the filing of nominating petitions for school board candidates. Candidates will not be required to obtain signatures on nominating petitions. However, an individual running for the school board must meet any other requirements necessary to be placed on the ballot, including any applicable residency and age requirements.

What is the deadline for filing nominating petitions?  In accordance with the Executive Order, nominating petitions in all school districts are due by May 11th.

Running for the School Board: What all prospective school board members should know