Happiness Drive Thru This Saturday

CALLING ALL TAMARAC FAMILIES! Want to be a part of an AWESOME parade while seeing all of your favorite Tamarac teachers? Well, now you can! We want to invite you to our “Happiness Drive Thru” this Saturday! All you need to do is drive through the school circle from 11 – 11:30 AM, while our... Read more »

Maintaining Mental Health during the COVID-19 Crisis 

Maintaining Mental Health during the COVID-19 Crisis    A variety of resources have been put online related to this concern. Most stress the following:  Acknowledge the impact but avoid speculation; look up reputable sources (Just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s true.); manage how you follow the outbreak in the media and your information intake. ... Read more »

Update from Elementary Principal, Mr. Pogue: April 3, 2020

Dear parents, families, and those in our school community:  I hope this letter finds you all well and doing your best during our new “normal”.  Like you, I’ve been inundated with advice on how to homeschool, how not to homeschool, which websites to trust, what scams to look out for – all things that I... Read more »

UPDATE Regarding Spring Recess from Dr. Angelina Maloney

Dear Tamarac Families: Due to Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic,  Brunswick CSD will remain closed through April 14, 2020. Under this order, our school district must continue to provide distance learning, meals for students, and childcare for essential workers every weekday through April 14, even though the district... Read more »

Important Update from Tamarac Elementary Principal, Mr. Pogue

To the families of Tamarac Elementary School: We’ve come to the end of the second week of being apart, which is “almost a Fortnite”, according to my Declan, with all puns and 4th grader humor intended. I hope you are all doing well, weathering this situation as best as you can. As I am sure... Read more »

UPDATE: NYS School Closures Extended due to COVID-19

BREAKING UPDATE: Governor Cuomo has extended New York State school closures by another two weeks due to COVID-19. All Brunswick CSD schools will be closed during this time period. We will be providing more information later today as we receive it, so please continue to be patient with us as we move forward. Thank you... Read more »

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