Coping With a Crisis Webinar Available to Families

Tamarac Community: Consider joining in on the following webinar, shared with us by our School Social Worker, Christine Shields, which can help families to learn how to cope with the current situation:

Coping With a Crisis
March 26 from 12:30 to 1 pm

This webinar is presented as part of our 2020 monthly educational series for families and caregivers. This timely edition will help families to cope with our current situation, as well with the many common crises families often experience.

Most families will experience a crisis (illness, loss, natural disaster, etc.) at some point. Whether it is a situation that impacts just your family or something impacting the entire community, families are affected in many ways. This webinar will provide the knowledge and tools to promote whole family wellness during a time of crisis: recognition of stress indicators, the development of coping strategies and positive communication.

Please share with families in your community and stay tuned for more webinars!

REGISTER HERE:…/8231715208941001228

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