Grade 7 & 8 Band Inspires Us with “What a Wonderful World”

In the midst of all the difficulties we are facing, one thing is certain to bring us together: MUSIC. Mr. Calistri and the 7/8 Band have brought us the gift of music today by sharing their rendition of, “What a Wonderful World.” To do so, Mr. Calistri wrote a 4-part short arrangement and gave his students a choice of what part to play. He then took each part that the students recorded and mixed them together to create the final recording we are listening to today!

Thank you, Mr. Calistri and our Grade 7/8 Band, for showing us what a wonderful world it really is!


This recording was from the following students:
Aniya Bailey
Jack Barcomb
Owen Blakesley
Isabella DeLorenzo
Hannah Fink
Scarlett Gearwar
Oliver Lange
Ro Yeon Lee
Sarah Raymond