Next Step Day – Reverse Parade on May 8th!

Dear Seniors, 

One of the great traditions at Tamarac has been to celebrate with our seniors their “next step”. On this day seniors  wear t-shirts, sweat shirts, hats, any kind of gear that represents what they will do next year (college, military, work force etc). The school staff also wear their gear from college or military service, it is a really cool day!  Due to the current “pause,” we are unable to wear our gear to school – BUT, we still want to celebrate!!!
So we are inviting you to a Next Step Day Reverse Parade!! What does this mean???
1) Every senior will get a parking spot in the school parking lot (socially distanced).
2) You are to decorate your spot, your car or yourself in your attire for your next step!
(IF you have a car that is great but if not bring a pop tent or lawn chair and still celebrate with us!)
3) Between 5-5:30 on Friday, May 8th, parents, friends, teachers, and community members will be invited to drive through and see all of you and help celebrate your next step! 
This can be a really cool event please, please try to attend!!
This is what Mr Jacques and I need from you:
1) RSVP (by email) so that we can create a “map” for parking. 
2) To spread the word so we have people to parade!
3) To arrive between 4:30 – 4:45 on May 8th to organize!
4) To wear a mask and social distance, so that we keep everyone safe!
5) To stay positive and participate!! We all have to make the best out of this situation!!
So, mark your calendar for next Friday, May 8th at 4:30 for our Next Step Reverse Parade!!
Hope to see everyone there!!
Mrs Bishop and Mr Jacques