Update from Tamarac Elementary Principal, Mr. Pogue: May 8, 2020

Dear Families,

I hope this update finds you well and dealing with a rather chilly May.  Last Friday’s news that we would not be returning to in-class instruction this school year was a hard message to hear, although it is a decision that I support, for all of our well-beings.  Most of us at Tamarac have spent this week refocusing our priorities and making sure that we proceed in an orderly fashion for the remainder of the year.  We are thinking of all the things that we cannot do in a traditional manner, and thinking about how we can still celebrate what needs to be celebrated for our students – this will be keeping us busy!

  We as a district are planning on how students can close out the school year, to pick up belongings that are still in our building and have an opportunity to say goodbyes to teachers and school personnel.  We need guidance on how to make this happen, and we will share our plans as soon as they are finalized.  We do understand the importance of closure for everyone at this time, and we will do this in a respectful manner.
  This time of the school year is also a time when we gear up for our both our incoming pre-K and kindergarten students.  Normally, we would have had parent orientation meetings by this time, and I know that parents of these students are getting nervous with the uncertainty of getting their children ready for school.  I will be updating a slide show presentation that we have presented at previous orientations, post it online and contact families to view the slide show.  Then, we will host a live meeting after the slide show has been up for a while, with pre-K and kindergarten teachers, administrators and possibly a veteran kindergarten parent, to bring their perspective.  There will be more on this presentation to follow.
  The teachers and I are meeting this week and next to address how to wrap up this school year from an academic point of view. It is important that we cover common topics, subjects and skills within each grade level, and have a plan for where to begin instruction in the fall.  There are probably hundreds of other issues to discuss, and I’m looking forward to finding the best solutions for now and for the near future.
  Finally, as we approach the end of a school year, there are, sadly, staff who will be retiring this year.  Mrs. Rosenberg, our 3rd grade teacher, has announced her retirement, as have teaching assistants Roberta Jones and Cindy Pollack. Ms. Turner will be retiring during the next school year.  They will be greatly missed, as they have given the district many years of quality service and touched thousands of lives.  The building will have a different feel to it when we return.
  Stay safe, check in with your teachers and be well.
Sincerely, Rich Pogue
Principal, Tamarac Elementary School