Budget Information

Brunswick (Brittonkill) CSD 2020-21 School Budget Approved

We are pleased to announce that the Brunswick CSD Proposed Budget of $26,174,840 for the 2020-2021 school year was approved by district residents.The budget was approved by a vote of 668 (yes) to 439 (no), This budget will result in an estimated 2.99% tax rate increase for residents.

Residents also elected four members to the Board of Education: Tammie Fanfa (766 votes), Darren Galipeau (838 votes), Kevin Shufon (830 votes), and Judy Wienman (689 votes).

Thank you to all those who voted!

Why Isn’t New York’s Property Tax Cap Really “2%”?

Ever wonder why New York’s property tax cap isn’t really a “2% cap” even though elected officials called it that when they passed it? Here is a 4-minute video that explains how the tax cap law includes a formula to determine each school’s tax cap, which rarely works out to 2%.

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