Clubs and Classes

ClassesAdvisor(s) – click name to send an e-mail
Senior Class 2021Ms. FrankMrs. Labshere
Junior Class 2022Ms. CarrollMrs. Poupore
Sophomore Class 2023Mr. MedvedMs. Rolston
Freshman Class 2024Mrs. BishopMr. Jacques
ClubsAdvisor(s) – click name to send an e-mail
Book ClubMrs. Jewell
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)Ms. Shields & Mrs. Phillips
Key ClubMrs. Labshere
Kids CareJamie Pecylak
MastermindsMr. Pomposello
National Junior Honor Society (Grade 7-8)Ms. Maloy
National Junior Honor Society (Grade 9)Ms. Maloy
National Honor SocietyMs. Carroll
Olympics of the Visual Arts ClubMrs. Sheffer
Russian ClubMs. Wright
SADDMs. Parker
Science ClubMs. Tennyson
Ski Club (Middle School)Helen Findlay
Ski Club (High School)Mrs. Labshere
Student Senate (Middle School)Mr. Medved
Student Senate (High School)Ms. Rolston
Youth Activation Club (YAC)Mrs. Phillips
Yearbook (High School)Mrs. Connor
HS Band ClubMr. Calistri
HS Music ClubMrs. Kolakowski
6th Grade Team LeaderMs. Michelle Muckle
7th Grade Team LeaderMr. Kevin Onorato
8th Grade Team LeaderMr. Eric Medved
9th Grade Team LeaderMr. Jacques