Exploring College and Career

This booklet is designed to be a valuable tool for 11th and 12th graders and their parents in planning and preparing for college exploration and career choices. Please refer to it for step by step guidance in all phases of the college research, application and selection process.

Exploring College and Career Booklet


Applications for working papers may be obtained or submitted before or after school. Working cards are usually issued the following day. Students must appear in person to sign their card. Please plan ahead.

Occupational Outlook Handbook – Find information about any career

Career Browser – Find career ideas to match your interests and abilities

What Can I Do With A Major In? – Career ideas relating to college major

What Do You Like? – Exploring Career Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics based on what you like to do.

CareerZone – Career exploration information from The NYS Dept of Labor; match your career interests to tasks, skills and knowledge used in various occupations.

Military Career Guide – A leading resource for the military world of work

Students and parents are reminded that applications for college and scholarships MUST be submitted to the Counseling Center AT LEAST FIVE SCHOOL DAYS prior to the deadline. This is required due to the individual attention that each application receives. Written requests for transcripts and records must allow for 5 school days processing time. The CEEB code for Tamarac High School is # 335593.

College Resources

College Matchmaker – Search for a college which meets your criteria. A great site from The College Board.

CollegeData – College 411- Find the college that’s right for you!

College Search – US News and World Report- Find a college to suit your interests

CollegeNet – An easy to use tool for college and scholarship searches

COLLEGE MAJORS 101– Get information on the top college majors, college info and more.

SUNY – A complete listing of the 64 SUNY campuses

Apply directly by using SUNY APP

Financial Aid Resources

Startheregetthere.org – Student Financial Aid Awareness

SUNY SMART TRACK – Empowered Financial Planning

Finaid.org – The most complete Financial Aid site on the Internet.

Fastweb.com – Finding scholarships to help pay for college

Hesc.ny.gov – New York State Higher Education Service-Your Source for College Financial Aid


CollegeXpress SAT Word Game – Challenge yourself with SAT vocabulary and more.

Khan Academy – Download and take a real practice test. Watch videos showing solutions for problems you got wrong or found difficult.

MajorTests.com – SAT practice exams

ACT Bulletin Board – ACT Information

Regents Exam Prep – Prepare for NYS Regents Exams

Other Resources

LOOKING AHEAD NEWSLETTER– Our fall newsletter specifically designed for our 9th and 10th grade students! This issue contains information such as “I’m the School Counselor” and “The Road to College and Career Planning” along with tips and other advice for you and your parents.

COURSE SELECTION GUIDE – Access the High School Course Selection Guide to use as a reference when choosing your course of studies. This resource outlines high school graduation requirements and provides a description of courses offered in the High School.

Study Skills – Help yourself improve your study strategies

College Basics – LOTS of help with Essay writing and college application organization

Resume Writing – Design a professional resume

ADOL – ” Family First Aid” A wealth of resources regarding Adolescence

NCAA Eligibility Center Online – Important information and registration information for prospective NCAA Division I and II student athletes and their families. Review the List of Approved Core Courses (Tamarac code #335593) and make sure all of your courses are approved for NCAA credit.

Summer Pre-College Program and Camp Information


Request for Transcript– for former students and graduates