To the families of Tamarac Elementary School,

I hope this email finds you well (and dry).  I am so glad that I got my leaves cleaned up yesterday - there is nothing worse than soggy leaves.  As we approach the end of our first quarter this school year, here is an update of things around the building.  

Our virtual district PTSA meeting was very well attended this past Monday evening - thank you to all who attended.  The PTSA does wonderful things for our students and staff, and any help that families can provide, especially in joining in on activities that they host, would be greatly appreciated.  The PTSA Facebook page (Brittonkill/Tamarac PTSA Business Page) is full of information about upcoming activities that ultimately benefit our students and school community.    

On Tuesday morning, the elementary school held our first of four scheduled  lockdown drills. Notice was sent to families prior to the drill commencing via district text alert.  Local law enforcement agencies continue to participate with us in our drills, which we greatly appreciate.  We have revised procedures to allow us to drill and observe our COVID protocols regarding physical distancing at the same time.  We learn something during every drill, and our students did an outstanding job during what can be a stressful event.  We will continue to notify families of lockdown drills prior to these events. 

Later that afternoon, the elementary school students lined up outside our building and gave high school student John Clinton an enthusiastic send off on Wednesday.  John will be running in the NYS Cross Country tournament!  Our mini-Bengals did a great job showering John with smiles and cheers!

My last note today is similar to comments I made earlier this year, and is about the safety and well-being of our children.  I continue to see improvement daily in the ways our students move, act and conduct themselves within our walls.  This is not without its occasional hiccup.  I have a feeling that the routine behaviors we expect at this time from all our students,  especially our youngest, are still a work in progress.  Please ask your child or children to be patient with others who may still be figuring out how to be a Bengal.  I am still seeing students being too physical with others, especially at recess, and students not respecting the personal space of others.   Remind your child to speak to others when their actions are not appreciated, and if that does not work, to tell a teacher.  The adults in this building are good at their jobs, but none of us are psychic - children need to share concerns with us so we can help! Everyone here wants each child to have a positive experience every day, and we know we have to help many students learn how to be their best Bengal.  School, like life, is a journey.  We are here to help everyone enjoy the ride.

Sincerely,  Kelly Onorato and Rich Pogue

Tamarac Elementary School Administration