Consultant Teacher Services

  • Provided to students in the regular classroom for a minimum of two hours per week. This will enable students enrolled in full-time regular education programs to remain in such programs and receive support from a special education teacher.

  • Direct consultant teacher services are provided either individually or in a group to the student in the classroom.

  • Indirect consultant teacher services are provided to the mainstream teachers to assist them in modifying the learning environment, curriculum, or instruction to meet the needs of the student with a disability in the mainstream.

  • Students with disabilities who may have been traditionally placed in separate special education classes because significant needs for special services are now “included” in the general education setting. Support services are delivered to the student in the regular classroom to the extent which is appropriate.

Resource RoomsProvide support services for students with disabilities. There is an emphasis on remediation and supplementary support for academic classes. The resource program is closely coordinated with the regular classroom program.


  • Special classes are designed for students who need a small, structured environment.

  • Classes at the main campus may include a 15:1 class in which a maximum of 15 students work with one teacher. The 12:1:1 classes include a maximum of 12 students working with a teacher and an aide. 8:1:1 classes include a maximum of 8 students, one teacher and one aide.

  • Students only attend special classes for those subjects in which they have significant difficulty. The content is closely matched with the general education program but may be delivered in different ways and at a modified pace.

  • When appropriate, these classes can be combined with regular classes and taught by a regular and special education teacher.

Outside ProgramsDepending upon individual needs, students may be placed in specialized programs outside of the school

Home and Hospital TutoringProvided to students who will be absent from school for an extended period of time due to illness or injury. Parents should direct requests for tutoring to the school counselor or principal.

Related Services

  • Available to students in kindergarten through grade 12 on a regular basis.

  • These may be provided in conjunction with a mainstream education program or with other special education programs and services.

  • Related services may include:

    • speech/language therapy

    • physical therapy

    • occupational therapy

    • psychological services

    • counseling services including rehabilitation counseling,

    • parent counseling and training, mobility training

    • medical services as defined in 200.1 of the Commissioner’s Regulations,

    • vision/hearing, school health

    • social work, and other support services.