Dr. Angelina Maloney Award

Dr. Angelina Maloney, Superintendent of Schools for the Brunswick-Brittonkill Central School District, was recently honored with the National School Development (NSDC) Cooperative Leadership Award on Thursday, April 20th, at the CASDA Annual Awards Dinner held at Franklin Terrace in Troy, New York. This annual award is given to recognize outstanding leadership within NSDC member study councils or on their behalf, including exemplary efforts to establish cooperative relationships with other educational agencies or study councils in the course of creating educational programs for the nation’s schools.

Dr. Maloney is currently the Superintendent of Schools for the Brunswick-Brittonkill School District and has served in that capacity for 10 years. As a leader she is a hands on problem-solver leader who has contributed significantly to the sustainability of the Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA) a study council affiliate of NSDC. Dr. Maloney has served for six years on the CASDA Executive Committee. During her time as a member of the Executive Committee she served as Committee Chair for two terms. As Executive Committee Chair, Dr. Maloney has guided CASDA through difficult financial circumstances brought on by the continued impact of COVID-19 pandemic. During Dr. Maloney’s tenure as Chair of the Executive Committee, CASDA has undergone a vital transformation, which has led to greater financial stability.

According to Dr. Michael Piccirillo, Executive Director of the Capital Area School Development
Association (CASDA), “Dr. Maloney continues to be a strong advocate of CASDA and the services it provides. Her steadfast support and belief in the CASDA mission has led us through challenging times.” For these reasons and others, Dr. Angelina Maloney is a most deserving recipient of the NSDC Cooperative Leadership Award.

The Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA), a non-profit organization, is upstate New York’s premier educational technical assistance center. For more than 70 years, CASDA has served educators and students in more than 100 New York State school districts. CASDA’s mission is to serve as a catalyst, convener, community developer and capacity builder for educators and the communities they serve. CASDA engages educators and their school communities in addressing challenges and embracing opportunities to create positive, lasting academic and social outcomes for students.