Dear Secondary School Families: 

Happy Friday! A reminder that Tuesday is the end of the 4th marking period. Beginning Wednesday, June 15, high school students taking a Regents exam will only attend school on the morning/afternoon of their exam. Middle students will follow a half day schedule with 10:30am dismissal each day. The 8th grade dinner dance is on June 21 from 7-10pm and the “Moving Up” ceremony will be held on June 23 at 8:30am in the high school gymnasium. We are asking that parents/guardians park in the auditorium parking lot for this event. Our hope is that the end of the school year will be a memorable time for our graduating seniors - senior picnic (6/14), elementary walkthrough (6/14), and the second annual faculty vs. senior kickball game (6/23) are all in the plans. Seniors not playing in the kickball game are encouraged to come out to watch - there will be lots of stretching and ice on the faculty side. The year will close out with the Class of 2022 Commencement ceremony at 10:00am on Friday, June 24 on the football field (rain date Saturday, June 25 at 10am). Thank you to our parents and guardians for all of your support along the journey! 

June 2022 Regents Letter: Please see the attached memo for important information regarding the upcoming June Regents exams. 


Classroom Spotlight: Students in Madame Carlstedt's French classes were presented with a unique opportunity this week. After being presented with some short articles, students learned about French cuisine through their senses. An extensive menu of French cheeses were sampled and students were asked to evaluate how they ranked on their nose and palate. As you can imagine, this activity generated a lot of excitement - “It’s cheese day!” was audible in the hallway between periods. Bien joué Madame Carlstedt! 


Senior Prank(s): The seniors all called in sick one day and had a little fun in what has become a rite of passage before graduation. We never quite know what to expect each year! 

Summer Scholars SEL Courses: Summer Scholars SEL courses are returning and expanded for the summer of 2022! Secondary level students enrolled in grades 6-12 for the current 2021-2022 school may participate. Please stay tuned for more information regarding registration, dates, times and full course descriptions. 


Ken Rizzo

Secondary School Principal