To the families of Tamarac Elementary School,  

I hope this letter finds you well, and prepared for Valentine's Day. I know that Valentine's Day is all the buzz around our school now, in light of not being able to have parties at Halloween and Christmas.  I'm sure every pajama-clad elementary school student will be bouncing out of the building at dismissal today, ready for an overdue break.  You've been warned.   Things around the building are having a very positive feel.  A number of our faculty and staff have gotten COVID vaccines, and we are paying attention to new guidance from the CDC and from New York State.  The number of student and class quarantines have been very low, and many students are returning to in-person instruction from remote instruction.  These are some of the things that we have been waiting for, as we look forward to our school being the place we all remember, and can't wait to see again.  

 Classroom teachers have worked very hard to make today a special day - they have followed careful guidelines to keep students safe, yet still have a celebratory day with their friends.  I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to today's events - this school community truly takes care of one another.

Please enjoy your kids next week - they've been little troupers and deserve a week without masks and social distancing.  I look forward to seeing them on February 22nd. 

Happy Valentine's Day to all,

Rich Pogue
Principal, Tamarac Elementary School