Last week, Tay Fisher came to speak to our secondary school students over two days, providing two different presentations. Tay Fisher, a 2004 graduate of Kingston High School, has spring boarded his dedication, perseverance, and talent into a fantastic career as an internationally known player. The future wasn't always so bright for Tay. He had to face many difficult obstacles on and off the court that led him on this unthinkable journey.

This Anti-Bullying Program is an engaging and interactive program teaching kids how to prevent bullying from happening in and out of school by using the T-A-Y model. T stands for TALK, A stands for ASK QUESTIONS and Y stands for YOU. This program is geared towards grades K-6 and will provide tips for adults (parents and staff) and students to help build a positive environment while preventing bullying from occurring in and out of school. This will increase a positive atmosphere and academic setting among peer interaction. After playing sports his entire life and being an Ambassador for the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters for 10 years, it is important to share his message of positively, being kind and respectful at all times. The message is powerful, but the activities and interaction with the kids will leave them full of excitement. I hope you are excited to have the best assembly of the year.

Tay Fisher has a story that can relate to his audience even if they are not sports fans. His presentation on his life will cover topics such as perseverance, hard work, being successful, failure being a part of success, setting short and long term goals, thinking about college, establishing long lasting friendships, being respectful to your teachers and many more. All of these topics will be covered using real life experiences from his stories, photos and videos that will capture the audience for one hour. His story is pretty unique as he brings authenticity to each kid from his childhood to his travels around the world with the most prestigious team in sports history: The World Famous Harlem Globetrotter. Many kids will be able to relate in some way that doesn't always have to correlate with sports and that's where the real connection comes from.

For more information, visit his website: https://tayfisher.com/