Dear Secondary School Families: 

A huge thank you to our community and to the Brittonkill PTSA for today’s “SOUPER BOWL” luncheon. Our faculty and staff are grateful for the support and recognition. We have truly incredible students; a delicious lunch for doing what we all love is just icing on the cake! Many of our student athletes will be competing around the region this weekend and the coming days. Best of luck to all - Go Bengals! 

Choraliers Sing-O-Gram: This morning the Choraliers showed Deputy Fane some much deserved appreciation with a rendition of “Stand By Me.” Each year around Valentine's Day the Choraliers spread joy around the building and surprise staff with sing-o-grams. We enjoyed hearing their incredible voices (and watching Deputy Fane turn a little red in the process)! 

Vape E-Cigarette Education

A reminder that  Secondary students will be participating in a special workshop and learning about the dangers of vape, E-cigarettes/ tobacco, and other drugs on Monday.. These products are specifically designed to entice teenagers and can cause irreversible lung damage. The “Steered Straight” organization will host assemblies for the middle and high school (HS during periods 1-3, MS during periods 8 & 9). Our faculty and staff will also be participating in a separate workshop. We hope these presentations will have an impact on students and help them make good decisions regarding personal health and safety. Parents/guardians are asked to support our shared work by watching the virtual Parent Academy training (see link below). I am including some additional online resources for parents/guardians. Please continue to have conversations at home around these topics. 

Parent Academy:


What is Vape?:


Signs Your Child May Be Using Vape:


American Lung Association: https://www.lung.org/quit-smoking/helping-teens-quit/e-cigarettes-schools

Musician Zorkie Nelson: On Thursday, February 16 Zorkie Nelson will be here for a special presentation with the middle school. He will also be pushing into some music classrooms to provide students with drumming workshops. Nelson is a world class musician from Ghana in West Africa. Nelson will provide students with lessons intertwined with West African music, dance, language and cultural instruction. Check out this YouTube video of a performance: 


First Annual Charity Dodgeball Tournament

Mark your calendars for the new date for the "Fight with Franzy" charity dodgeball tournament. Play, watch or donate items/experiences for the raffle!

Lost and Found Update: The Life skills students have been busy gathering clothing from the elementary and middle/high school to post on the Lost and Found. Please look over the website that has been revised to just an elementary slideshow and middle/high school slideshow. Both slideshows include sweatshirts, sweatpants, winter coats, winter hats and gloves, and snow pants. 



  Ken Rizzo

  Secondary School Principal